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November 1, 2013

The Path We Follow, The Path We Make

This month we celebrate the thirty-fifth anniversary of Cable and its originators, a group of professional women who found themselves unable to realize aspirations equal to their male counterparts.  We honor these women who banded together as they waited to be to be recognized, waited  for the opportunities that men could count on, who waited in line to get a table at a restaurant while their male colleagues were waved on through.

We celebrate these specific women and the women of their day who, with persistence, courage and foresight, pulled together in a unified effort to elbow their way into meeting rooms, conferences, board rooms, sports teams, elected  offices, clubs, organizations and Ivy League schools.  The founding of Cable is emblematic of a time when it was not a given that the smartest, fastest or most talented  got the job or the promotion or equal pay for equal work.

For those too young to remember 1978, it is unfathomable to think now about starting your own networking organization because the doors to male dominated organizations were not open to you. Because of the women who marched and protested and worked harder than any man to prove themselves, we no longer have to have a Cable.  We are now able to join any organization, school, sport and political contest and arm of the military service we choose.  But we must continue to march and protest and work harder and Cable still exists because equal is still not equal.

Today Cable remains a beacon for women who aspire to run their own businesses, be CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, sit on corporate boards or work part time while raising children and hope to return to robust careers when the children are grown.

We are grateful to our Founding Mothers and vow to care for the organization they created.  We will nurture it for future generations of women and men who will continue to seek equality where it doesn’t exist.  As Cable members we will continue to foster a culture where all are welcome and each is supported in Choosing their Path.

We are grateful for the path that has been forged for us and promise to roll up our sleeves and work together to make an even better path for others following us.

Happy Birthday Cable!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

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