Year: 2019

All Year: 2019

November 11, 2019

Member Spotlight: Deb Sandvik

Deb Sandvik

Deb Sandvik is the Executive Director of HopeKids, an organization that serves children with cancer or other life-threatening medical conditions as well as their families. After moving to Nashville in 2005 from Los Angeles, Deb joined Cable when an acquaintance advised her that the organization provided the best networking opportunities in the city. Her ultimate career goal is and has been to help those in need – whether that is through her leadership of her team members or through the work she does directly with the families at HopeKids. One piece of advice that Deb would give to young women who are starting their careers would be to find a mentor. While she has worked with many mentors in her professional career, the person who has taught her the most is her mother. “She taught me how to create work-life balance and to always help others,” said Deb. 

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