Donna Grainger

Donna Grainger

Mrs. Grainger worked in employee benefit plan and design with the law firm of King Ballow and Little in the mid 1980’s. She left the law firm for the then Commerce Union Bank’s Trust and Employee Benefit area as a retirement plan administrator.

During her time in banking she was CABLE’s 10thPresident.

Donna left the banking industry in 1989 to devote her time to her family.  Donna will tell you being a stay at home mom was her calling and the challenge she has enjoyed most in her life.

She assisted her husband in pursuing a successful career.  She also raised two daughters to believe they can do anything.

After her husband’s retirement they returned to Middle Tennessee from a 10-year work related stint in Southern California. They designed and built their dream house, married off both daughters to fine men and welcomed two grandchildren as Mimi and Papa.

Her emphasis since returning to Middle Tennessee in 2007 has been family, aging parents, her garden and now grandchildren.

Donna was a founding member of CABLE and continues to support women in their endeavors. She takes pride in the advantages women have today versus 40 years ago.  “I am proud to have been a part of starting CABLE and to have been associated with those women and those who came behind them.”  She remembers vividly a CABLE speaker saying as we climb the ladder we must remember to stop on occasion and reach back to those climbing below us.