Jean Schmidt

Jean Schmidt

Jean Schmidt’s 50-year business career has been focused on leading and facilitating the development and implementation of business strategies for a company’s major growth and change initiatives. Jean began her career as a newspaper reporter but moved on to human resources in1968 when she was selected as a management trainee for the Bendix Corporation.  She has worked in labor relations with two manufacturing companies, led human resources for three bank holding companies, and three high-tech companies. Recently, Jean retired as Vice President, Chief People Officer and Corporate Secretary of Education Networks of America (ENA).

In 1990, Jean was invited to be a member of the corporate Board of Directors of the HumanSide Corporation, Houston, TX that develop, in 1968, a state-of-the-art profile for personal and professional performance guide for businesses in the United States, Mexico and Europe.  As a part of her leadership of Human Resources in companies she has served, Jean has been a member of four corporate Boards’, Human Resources Committees and includes being Secretary of the board at ENA, Inc.

Her women’s advocacy efforts lead to the formation of two organizations, “Middle Tennessee Corporate Liaison with the OFCCP” and the “Human Resource Leadership Forum,” both prompting awareness and strategies for equitable work practices.

Jean participates in Nashville’s two senior HR executive consortiums and was selected as one of six HR Executives to serve on the first Middle Tennessee, Society for Human Resources Management’s Advisory Board.  Jean has been a guest lecturer on human resources strategy at the Owens School of Management and was an HR adjunct professor for the HR Mini-Masters program at Belmont University.  She was the 2005 recipient of the HR Excellence award and was the 2009 recipient of the Tennessee Society for Human Resource Management’s, Human Resource Management Excellence Award.   Jean was appointed for a 4-year term to the Tennessee Workforce Development Board in July 2010. The human resources programs and the corporate culture she developed for ENA, Inc. (a start-up high-tech company in Nashville) and the concepts and leadership she provided to implement these programs resulted in ENA being recognized as a Best Company, The Tennessean, two national business magazines, and the Nashville Business Journal.

She is past-chairman of the Board of the Tennessee Chapter of the American Heart Association and the Tennessee Arthritis Foundation.  She was a member of the national task force that led the restructure of the Arthritis Foundation, and led the HR Design Team for restructuring the national Human Resources function.  She also led the formation of the Arthritis Foundation’s Southeastern Region and was elected President of the newly chartered Southeast Region. These accomplishments resulted in her receiving the “National Arthritis Foundation Volunteer Leadership” award. She was the 2005 recipient of CABLE’s Spirit of Leadership award and was the 2008-09 President of NashvilleCABLE.  Jean was CABLE’s 2011 ATHENA representative.