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Announcing the 2017 ATHENA Award Nominees

Nashville ATHENA Program Committee would like to announce its 2017 ATHENA Award Nominees and Young Professional Leadership Award Nominees.  Celebrating its 27th year, the Nashville ATHENA Awards Program has been, and continues to be, a unique CABLE program, organized and sponsored through the collaborative efforts of local women’s organizations in partnership with local businesses and individual sponsors, unlike other cities which rely upon their local Chamber of Commerce.

The ATHENA Awards Program, held on Thursday, March 30, 2017, honors business and professional women for their career success, service to community and encouragement of women.  The 2017 ATHENA nominees include:

Councilmember Burkley M. Allen Kim Hawkins, ASLA Joycelyn A. Stevenson
Rebecca Bayne Rita F. Johnson-Mills Dr. Wendy J. Thompson
Renee Bobb Elizabeth L. Knox Nicole Tremblett
Rev. Dr. Gwendolyn Hill Brown Felder E. Marlee Mitchell Evette White
Rebecca S. Climer Hasina A. Mohyuddin Tawana Williams
Angela J. Gaskin, MD Mekesha H. Montgomery Letha Woods, PH.D.
Rep. Brenda J. Gilmore Patricia Glaser Shea Shannon Wright
Dr. Glenda Glover Laura Smith

ATHENA provides Nashville CABLE with the unique ability to feature nominees who use their vision and persistence to excel while reaching out and opening the way for others.  This year’s ATHENA Young Professional Leadership Award nominees include:

Katie Alexander Amanda Strickland Floyd Sarah S. Moore
Sloan C. Allen Meagan E. Frazier Tera Rica Murdock
Dr. Nicole K. Arrighi Hart Harrison Chara H. Rand
Tonya Austin Kellee N. Hill Dr. Crystal G. Rucker
Staci L. Bockman Monchiere’ Holmes-Jones Crissy Wieck Welhoelter
Christina M. Carlisle Royya L. James Caroline Randall Williams
Meg M. Chamblee Penny Grace Judd Dr. Tameka Winston
Erin D. Coleman Daveisha S. Moore Alisha Wix
Nikki N. Fant

“Each year our ATHENA nominees exemplify the spirit of Athena- the goddess of truth, wisdom, bravery and fierceness,” says Mendy Mazzo, ATHENA Chairwoman.  “This year we are honored to celebrate another strong class of women that embody these characteristics through their leadership and community involvement, which continues to elevate our ability to highlight the achievement of women throughout Middle Tennessee.”

Mendy Mazzo, Vice President for Skanska USA Building, Inc., serves as the 2017 ATHENA Awards Program chairwoman with the support of Co-chairwoman Roxianne Bethune, Senior Executive President, Alliance Synergy Group,  LLC.

”Mendy and I are honored to be involved with this organization and program,” says Bethune.  “We look forward to announcing our scholarship recipients soon and the wonderful events leading up to our 27th annual program. It’s important to this program to give back and uplift the great ability and success of women and girls in our community.”

Launched in 1993 through the support of the Patrons Society and local sponsors, the ATHENA Scholarship Program awards Middle Tennessee high-school females and young women, both traditional and non-traditional, scholarships for continuing their education.

The 27th annual Nashville ATHENA Awards Program will take place on Thursday, March 30, 2017 at Oz Arts beginning at 6pm.


About Nashville ATHENA Awards and Scholarship Program

Each year during Women’s History Month in March, Nashville joins more than 500 communities throughout the world honoring exceptional women leaders. In Middle Tennessee nearly 50 women are nominated each year for special recognition as the embodiment of ATHENA’s spirit. Nominees each exemplify leadership, superior performance, commitment to community, and unselfish assistance to women and women’s issues. The award will be announced at the 27th annual ATHENA Awards Program held on March 30, 2017. For more information, visit or follow Nashville ATHENA Award and Scholarship Program on Facebook and ATHENA_Award on Twitter.  The ATHENA Award is powered by Nashville Cable.