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Cable Member Profile: Costin Shamble

Name: Costin Shamble
Company: Austin Peay State University
Title: University Attorney
Brief description of your job responsibilities: Provide legal counsel and advice to leadership and business units regarding internal business matters related to human resources, contracts and procurement, equity and inclusion, and other areas as needed.
Cable Member Since: 2020

Why did you decide to join Cable? I joined Cable to build stronger relationships, network and collaborate with an established network of diverse professional women that I might not otherwise encounter on an individual basis. 

What have you gained/learned from joining an organization like Cable? While I have only attended one virtual meeting, Cable is a very welcoming and engaging group of women.

How would you describe the benefits of Cable to someone thinking about joining the organization? Cable is a great opportunity to engage with and build a stronger network of professional women from all walks of life and enhance personal development.

What advice would you give to a young woman just starting her career? Do not be so rigidly focused on a mapped-out career path at the beginning of your career. Explore different avenues to help you learn and discover what is the best personal fit.

If you had unlimited funds and could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? North Island, Seychelles.

What is a catch phrase that absolutely drives you crazy? Thoughts and prayers