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Cable to celebrate 35th anniversary of connecting women and opportunity

 04 Nov 2013 11:08 AM |

Organization founded in 1970s era of occupational segregation and still valued

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Nashville Cable has connected women and opportunity for 35 years.

An organization that is today comprised of more than 600 Middle Tennessee men and women, Cable was founded at a time when women entered the paid labor force in increasing numbers but faced occupational segregation from their male counterparts. 

In Nashville in the 1970s, female professionals – well-educated lawyers and bankers – weren’t eligible to join the Chamber of Commerce. They couldn’t become part of the Lions Club, Exchange Club or Rotary Club. They couldn’t eat lunch at Nashville City Club or Cumberland Club.

A lawyer for the National Labor Relations Board – a woman who received her paycheck from the federal government – couldn’t even open a credit card in her own name. Instead, she was told by her bank that she had to be part of her husband’s credit.

“That’s the environment in which we were working,” recalled Bea Hubbard, who received her Juris Doctor from Vanderbilt University Law School in 1975.

“And so,” said Martha Craig Daughtrey, senior judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, “it occurred to some of us that we needed our own organization.”

That was the beginning of Nashville Cable – a women’s group formed in 1978 that connected professionals like “a network of strong cable,” said Carol McCoy, the organization’s second president and a chancellor for the Davidson County Chancery Court. 

Today, Cable is comprised of dedicated leaders committed to sharing professional experiences and lessons with others who are trying to move their businesses and careers forward.

On Nov. 13, the organization marks an important milestone with its 35th anniversary celebration.

The boundary of women’s influence has moved because the members of Cable have continued to connect each other to opportunity. Cable is now at the forefront encouraging companies to include women on their boards and supporting the development of women as leaders, entrepreneurs and exceptional contributors to the community.

At the 35th anniversary celebratory luncheon at Music City Center, one of Nashville’s top professional females, Janet Miller, will discuss the impact of women on Middle Tennessee’s economic past, present and future. As Chief Economic Development Officer of the Nashville Chamber of Commerce, Miller she will share the challenges women have overcome and the challenges yet before them.

Nashville Cable will celebrate its successes and its mission for the future as it continues to connect women and opportunity.


When: Nov. 13, 2013, 11:30-1 p.m.

Where: Music City Center (201 Fifth Avenue S., Nashville)

Registration: $30 Cable members, $35 guests

More information:

Members of the media are invited to attend. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Cable’s Executive Director Susan Huggins at or 615-321-2260.

About Janet Miller

As Chief Economic Development Officer of the Nashville Chamber of Commerce, Janet Miller supports development in a 10-county region of Middle Tennessee and has helped bring numerous companies to the area: Nissan’s North American headquarters, Dell Computer Corporation, Caremark Rx, Asurion, Louisiana-Pacific, HCA, PRIMUS/Ford Motor Credit, Mars Pet Care and others. Since she took on the departmental leadership role at the Chamber in 2002, more than 130,000 jobs have been created in the Nashville region and more than 400 companies recruited.

About Cable  

Nashville Cable is Tennessee’s largest and most established network of professionals with more than 600 members and a 35-year history of helping women reach their full potential. The organization’s mission of “Moving Women Forward” has shaped its networking programs and advocacy initiatives and created a forward-thinking infrastructure to effect positive change. Cable’s hallmark initiative is Women on Corporate Boards (WoCB), with key programs also including The ATHENA Awards, the Cable Civil Leadership program in partnership with Lipscomb University, and the Power of Inclusion Awards and luncheon.