Good business is based on consistent service, respect and relationships.

Nashville Cable boasts:

  • Tennessee’s largest and most established network of professional women
  • Networking opportunities with over 500 members
  • A 30-year history as Tennessee’s premier leadership organization for women’s professional development
  • Advocacy and service initiatives to enable its members — women and men — to grow their businesses, serve their communities, and reach their potential


“Looking back, I can’t imagine what my career would have been like without the friendship and support of my Cable sisters. Cable connects women of all ages, experience and backgrounds to learn from one another and to provide opportunities for further education and training”
–   Doris Lynn, retired Vice President of Business Development and Executive Relocation at Pinnacle Bank and current Independent Distributor with Premier Designs, Inc. Jewelry


“Many times, what helps the most is to talk to someone who can listen, reflect, and even help you figure out what is creating the challenge. Further conversation often leads to a plan on how to overcome that challenge. Cable members can do that for each other.”
–   Sarah Meyerrose, president of SM Strategic Solutions LLC



As women lean in, they rise up.

Collectively, Cable members are determined to help each other achieve personal and professional success. With practical support and encouragement, women can resolutely advance toward their dreams and goals.


“You get to the point in your career where you want to build a legacy not only for yourself but for other women.”
–   Ann Parker, Senior Director of Litigation and Risk Management at Corrections Corporation of America


“Having the opportunity to interact with a diverse set of women can enrich both your career and your personal life. Cable’s stated mission as Tennessee’s premier leadership organization for women’s professional development says it all, whether you work for yourself, in a small company or a big corporation.”
–   Sarah Meyerrose, President of SM Strategic Solutions LLC



Companies with greater numbers of women in executive leadership positions boast superior financial performance, yet women continue to be underrepresented on corporate boards and in C-suites across the country, particularly in Tennessee.

Cable’s hallmark initiative for women’s professional development is Women on Corporate Boards, which advocates for gender diversity on boards and in C-Suites and connects Tennessee’s qualified female candidates with these opportunities.

Cable’s Corporate Board Academy prepares board-ready women to obtain meaningful corporate board roles.


“Because of my involvement on Women on Corporate Boards, I followed Deb Fish as Cable’s representative on the board of ION. My close associations with the board representatives of each of ION’s 17 member organizations, led to a network of contacts and friendships that I don’t think would have happened any other way.

Further, I have participated in many national and global conversations and groups that are grappling with moving more women into positions of power, including executive suites and boardrooms. While I’m sad to say that the numbers have not moved significantly over the years, I am energized and more resolved than ever by the fact that we, collectively, are starting to talk more about the root causes of the lack of gender diversity in leadership and, more importantly, what can be done to change that dynamic.”
–   Sarah Meyerrose, ION board president



Cable is a beacon for women who aspire to run their own businesses, be CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, sit on corporate boards, or work part time while raising children with hopes of robust careers when the children are grown.

The Cable experience supports members – women and men – as they strive to achieve their own definitions of success.


“Success attributed to Cable … has rendered me breathless …”
–   Connie Sue Davenport, antiques and personal property appraiser


“I became a member of Cable in 1987 when I started my direct mail firm, Direct Link. Through active participation and networking in Cable, I developed numerous professional and personal relationships, which I was able to convert into paying customers. Before I sold the business in 2011, I estimated that 80 to 85 percent of all my clients had a direct or indirect connection to Cable.”
–   Susan Huggins, Executive Director of Nashville Cable


“I started my Billboard Connection/IZON Global Media franchise at the same time I joined Cable in November of 2011. I signed my first contract responding to a CABLEzap request for assistance. That single contract insured enough cash flow to at least pay my essential business expenses during that time.”
  Eric Hutton, IZON Global Media/Billboard Connection