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Member Profile Spotlight: Catherine Hayes


Catherine Hayes joined Cable in 2017 because she wanted a place to engage and connect with likeminded women in the Nashville business community. She also wanted a place to learn from other talented and accomplished women.
When asked what she has gained from joining an organization like Cable, Catherine said, “I’ve learned that women are natural networkers. Our company has been able to expand our network of relationships and increase our business exposure. One of the biggest challenges women face today is owning their accomplishments, defying social expectations, and finding career opportunities that meet the needs of both work and life as traditional gender expectations still prevail.”
Catherine also gave advice to young women who are just starting their careers.
“You are limited only by the limitations you place on yourself. Don’t be afraid to take chances, be true to yourself, and don’t stay the course just because it feels safe.”
Catherine Hayes currently works for Versher LLC, where she leads as co-founder. She facilitates the placement of women in flexible job opportunities. Catherine is able to connect her love of her career with the mission of Cable by helping career-oriented women find a career in which they will flourish.

Thank you for joining Cable, Catherine! We appreciative you and your dedication to Cable and our mission.