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Member Profile Spotlight: Dez Stephens

Dez Stephens initially joined Cable more than 20 years ago because of her eagerness to network with other Nashville professionals. Over the past two decades, she has developed relationships with various Cable members and was surprised at how quickly she connected with other entrepreneurs and executives who were facing the same types of challenges and issues that she was dealing with at the time. Inspired by the dedication and determination of her peers, Dez took the initiative to collaborate with these individuals to begin making a difference not only in her profession but also in the greater community.

Through her networking experience with Cable and other organizations, Dez decided to make a career shift to become a professional coach to young entrepreneurs. She has recommended Cable to her colleagues and students because she strongly believes in the face-to-face and online connections this organization offers.

When asked what her biggest career achievement has been so far on her journey, Dez stated:
“[Receiving] the Prism Award from the International Coach Federation Tennessee Chapter for the work I do in Central America providing professional coach certification training to low-income students there. My company has donated nearly $1 million in tuition to the country of Honduras, where the average citizen lives on $1 per day.”

Giving back is incredibly important to Dez, and she and her fellow coaches are making a big difference in people’s lives. Together they are educating and inspiring others through professional coach training and media, and are seeking to expose as many people as possible to the benefits of professional coaching. Ultimately, Dez hopes to reach the Asian market and produce TV and film projects that feature professional coaches.
Dez Stephens is the founder and CEO of Radiant Health Institute.

Thank you, Dez, for your longtime involvement in Cable and your service to others.