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Member Profile Spotlight: Gail Goodman

Gail B. Goodman joined Cable in 2017 to be a part of a community that properly suits her interests. Hart Harrison, an active Cable member, recommended Cable to Gail because she knew Gail would benefit from networking and discussing relevant topics with like-minded professional women. As a Cable member, Gail has benefited considerably from seeing women lift one another up, instead of tearing each other down. Gail stated, “A woman’s success should be welcomed, not seen as competition. There’s an attitude of abundance here, i.e., good things are worth sharing, and we all gain by sharing.”
Gail believes one of the biggest challenges professional women face today is balancing work and family commitments. “It is very difficult for women to be CEOs and leaders in the workplace AND have a family. Our society still doesn’t make room for those two jobs to happen simultaneously. I know a lot of working moms who spend their day at work missing their children and moms at home feeling they aren’t being productive. It’s a constant conundrum, and we haven’t fixed it yet. Unfortunately, it’s not a new challenge; but it’s still a big one.”
Gail would advise young women who are starting their careers to recognize that every job has a purpose. No matter the title, the pay or the tasks involved, it’s a learning experience, and there is not always this ‘perfect place’ to start your career. “All jobs give you something you will use the next time. My career trajectory has been unpredictable, but every skill attained at every job has contributed to my success.”

Gail B. Goodman is the president of PhoneTeacher, LLC. She is a renowned expert on telephone skills training. Her appointment-setting analysis significantly assists direct salespeople in mastering critical skills. Her responsibilities consist of conducting seminars, creating tutorial videos and a bit of everything else.

Thank you for joining Cable, Gail! We appreciate you and your dedication to Cable and our mission.