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Member Profile Spotlight: Jean Jackson


Photo by Hatcher & Fell

Jean Jackson was introduced to Cable in 2015 through her friend and past Cable CEO Susan Huggins. Jean has since used Cable to connect with women of all ages in a wide variety of businesses, allowing her access to unique learning opportunities and the opportunity connect with other businesswomen.
Believing that equal pay, the mentality that women must “do it all” and finding a strong mentor are three of the biggest challenges professional women face today, Jean wanted to help combat the lack of mentorship available to women by taking advantage of the different networking options and programs that Cable offers – including its mentorship program. Jean is eager to help women not feel as though they’re walking into the business world alone, to realize that mistakes happen, and to know there is a network of women to help them grow in their respective careers.


When asked what advice she has for women just starting their careers, Jean replied –
“Let go of fear, be respectful of the experience of those who came before you, those who are older, probably wiser, and have much to share. Find a mentor, and be a mentor. Kindness is the greatest wisdom of all.”
Jean Jackson is an inside sales officer for Cumberland Trust & Investment. She shepherds client relationships/accounts for CT’s future appointments in estate planning documents when CT is named as trustee or executor in the client’s documents to take effect at some point in the future.
Thank you for joining Cable, and for your commitment to supporting the development and growth of professional women. We appreciate you!