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Member Profile Spotlight: Jodie Ruediger

Jodie Ruediger joined Cable in 2017 and continues to take advantage of Cable’s professional development opportunities. “It’s truly been a wonderful networking opportunity for me. Everyone has been so welcoming, and I’ve been able to form meaningful connections and learn about the area much more quickly than if I had tried to do so on my own,” Jodie said.
So far, the most defining moment in her career was taking the initiative to ask for a promotion.
“I was the first person in my department to make it to senior level. At that time, lead roles were available in the company, but had never been built into our division. So, during my annual review, I simply asked, ‘how I can get to the next level, how do I become a leader?’ And a few months later, it happened. It was a big adjustment as no one was quite sure what that meant, so as a team we defined my role over the course of a year.”
If she could give one essential piece of advice to young professional women, it would be: “Never stop learning. Always take the opportunity to join a committee, take a class and learn from others. In addition to having lifelong mentors, connect with someone who can sponsor you at the office. This is someone who can make introductions and advocate for you.”
Jodie previously worked in community affairs, communications and nonprofit management before moving to Nashville. Now, she does contract work for Cumberland Region Tomorrow – focusing on development, strategic planning and marketing. She also serves on Cable’s Women’s Leadership Development Committee, where she can properly utilize her work experience to elevate Cable’s professional development.
Thank you for joining Cable, Jodie! We appreciate you and your dedication to Cable and our mission.