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Member Profile Spotlight: Pat Matranga

Pat Matranga has been a Cable member for 20 years! After two decades as a member and now serving on the Cable board as Programs vice chairwoman, Pat still remembers why she made the decision to join Cable immediately after attending her first meeting. “After being surrounded by successful women who are constantly working on improving themselves, I knew instantly this was the organization for me.”
As a Cable member, Pat has had the opportunity to meet and network with both women and men she most likely would not have met otherwise. “An organization with a mission like Cable brings together people from all walks of life and provides a venue for everyone to have an enriching experience. I love being part of helping other women succeed AND celebrating their success.”
In her own career, Pat’s biggest achievement was designing and making the United Nations Foundation awards. These awards are handed to some of the most important world leaders, including President Barack Obama. She is also currently learning how to handle one of her biggest career setbacks. After returning home from the New Year, Pat discovered her workshop was “raining” due to a pipe burst. She is taking this challenge day by day and uses nutritional juicing, extra sleep, patience and determination to face this hurdle head on and grow from the experience.
When asked what advice she would give to a young professional woman today, she offered, “You don’t have to know everything. Get help or more training for the things you don’t. Just keep reaching toward things that appeal to you.”
Pat Matranga is the owner of Matranga Designs.
Thank you, Pat, for helping us spread Cable’s mission and for two decades of membership!