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Member Profile Spotlight: Rosemary Frank

Rosemary Frank has been a Cable member for 16 years. During her membership, she’s been involved in various committees: four years on the networking committee, three years on the finance committee, two years as treasurer, three years on women on boards and a year as chairwoman.
It all began in 2002, when Rosemary attended her first Cable meeting and recognized something special about the organization, and she knew she wanted to be a part of it. After that first meeting, Cable just became “organic” to her. “I’ve been lucky enough to hear so many influential speakers who have shared their life lessons and pearls to live by that have now become integrated in the woman I am today.”
To someone thinking about joining Cable, Rosemary has this to say, “A professional woman in Nashville cannot afford to not be a member. Cable is where you will learn how to do better, be better and attract better things for yourself. I truly believe we reap what we sow. Call it karma. Whatever you put out, it comes right back to you.”
In Rosemary’s opinion, the biggest challenge professional women face today is garnering the respect in their homes, among their extended families, equal to that which they have generated in their professions. As a divorce financial consultant, Rosemary has observed a recurring theme: Women who are extremely successful in their professional lives are extremely submissive in their personal lives, and that can develop issues of unfair treatment and inequality.
Rosemary’s single most defining moment in her career was realizing she had the power to change people’s lives. After 30 years in the corporate world, she now owns her own business and provides an array of services to her clients, including investment advisory services to individuals and families, particularly following death, divorce or job loss.
“Being able to serve others makes me feel fulfilled – knowing I’m helping people plan for the rest of their lives and emerge with new clarity and empowerment.”
Rosemary Frank is a financial adviser and divorce financial consultant at Rosemary Frank Financial, LLC.
Thank you, Rosemary for your longtime involvement in Cable and your service to others.