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Member Profile Spotlight: Teona Chapman

This month’s member spotlight is Teona Chapman. Teona has been a member of Cable since 2016 and currently serves on the Entrepreneurship Committee. She originally joined Cable to network with other local professional women, and in just a year’s time, Teona has been inspired by the talented and accomplished individuals who make up Cable’s membership and has made many new friends and mentors as a result of joining the organization.

When asked about her personal career as a female leader in the banking industry, Teona shared what she thinks is the biggest challenge professional women face in the business world today.

“For many women, I think it’s being able to wear many hats and juggle lots of roles. Professional women are expected to lead boardrooms, volunteer for the PTO, change diapers, attend HOA meetings, cook dinners, make lunches, etc. I think the biggest challenge today is managing time and responsibilities with all that’s expected of professional women.”

Teona is vice president of Business Banking for First Tennessee Bank.  She believes that women should work hard at the job they have to prove themselves and help land future opportunities.

Thank you for your involvement and service with Cable, Teona! We are lucky to have you.