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The Path I Choose

I was struck by an article in the New York Times recently about the word “feminist” and how over time, society’s view of how we see ourselves changes.

Even the words we use to describe who we are or what we believe change or become misunderstood – in this case, young women thinking that being a feminist has to do with someone’s sexuality.

As a child of the 60s and 70s, I grew up believing I should have equal opportunity to a life full of choices.  It was being tested in the public by feminist Gloria Steinem, acted out by feminist Marlo Thomas and sung about by feminist Helen Reddy.  

The right to vote being won, women began knocking on the door of opportunity for rights to be and do everything men took for granted: the right to attend Ivy League schools, play sports in college and at the professional level, make decisions about whether to have children, own a home in your own name, have a bank account, be an astronaut or the leader of a country.

When you think about it, women have been fighting to have equal choices since time began.  We are still fighting for those choices and Cable has been providing a place for women and men to support each other in making those personal choices for over thirty-five years.

A year ago, I began my term as President of Cable.  I wanted to bring attention to and celebrate the power of choices women can enjoy by talking about the variety of paths we have before us.

The paths we choose are sometimes deliberate and sometimes serendipitous.  Let us all be grateful we are living in a time an place where those choices are ours to make and not made for us.

I am grateful to have found Cable, whose members support women and their choices.  I thank you for giving me the opportunity to lead the organization for the last year.  I hope I have made a positive mark on this wonderful organization.

Let’s keep knocking on those doors and encouraging women to keep making choices that are right for them whatever they may be and to lift up the hopes of women everywhere.

If we do not support each other, we cannot expect doors to be opened.  Reach out, reach down, reach up to help women choose their path.

Expect to help and to be helped.  Expect that the next generation will not still be knocking on the same doors.

Donna Yurdin, SPHR is President of Credo Management Consulting and is a consultant specializing in Diversity and Inclusion.