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June 28, 2018

Member Profile Spotlight: Elizabeth Moss

Like many entrepreneurs, Elizabeth Moss joined Cable for the opportunity to grow her business through networking. As a result, not only has she expanded her company and her network, but she has grown personally as well. Early on, Elizabeth took advantage of the professional development programs Cable offers. She participated in the Executive Leadership Academy and was chosen as an ATHENA Powerlink program recipient as well.
When asked how she would describe the benefits of Cable to someone thinking about joining the organization, Elizabeth responded:
“First and foremost, join to meet the like-minded women who are supportive of one another’s growth and development. Also, it is one of the few organizations that provide the opportunity to do business with women and grow professionally. Lastly, the CableZaps are one of the top benefits, and I enjoy telling everyone about that value.”
Elizabeth began her career as a certified nursing assistant with the aspiration of working with adolescents in a drug treatment facility. She completed an LPN course at a nursing home, where she recognized the need for whole care for aging individuals. After assessing how she could meet this need, Elizabeth launched Caregivers by WholeCare in 1997 and has since grown this company to 130 employees, serving countless seniors in Middle Tennessee.
Since achieving her ultimate career goal of owning her own business, Elizabeth wants to help other women get to a point where they are passionate about their respective careers. Through mentorship and leadership, she urges women to know their strengths, develop them, plan their dreams and “go for it!”
Elizabeth is the founder and chief care officer of Caregivers by WholeCare, which provides innovative non-medical home health services to help adults age in place. Her business model is to provide care for the whole person – body, mind and spirit. Caregivers by WholeCare offers its patients a comprehensive continuum of care services, including care giving, transportation, technology and care management.

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June 19, 2018

Member Profile Spotlight: Rita Johnson-Mills

Rita Johnson-Mills first heard of Cable about two years ago after learning more about the Athena awards. After experiencing Cable’s mission up close and being moved by its strong support of women, she was eager to join the organization. Since becoming a member, Rita has met and networked with fellow female professionals, heard from various dynamic speakers during the luncheons, and learned more about the city of Nashville. She truly values all the wonderful programs and benefits Cable offers and sees it as the premier organization for networking, education, and access to important information and people.
When asked what advice she would give to a young woman just starting her career, Rita stated:
“Be patient, and don’t go into your first job looking for your next job. Be present, and look for ways to grow and challenge yourself every day.”
Rita gives this particular advice because the most defining moment of her career was making the transition from corporate America to starting her own business. She truly believes that her patience in her corporate job set the pace for how she would ultimately become her own boss. Without her experience and full attention in the corporate world, Rita would not have been as prepared to step out on her own.
Rita Johnson-Mills is the CEO of RJMills Enterprises, a professional consulting firm specializing in health care.
She is also a public speaker with an emphasis on diversity.
Thank you for joining Cable, Rita!

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May 25, 2018

Member Profile Spotlight: Jean Jackson


Photo by Hatcher & Fell

Jean Jackson was introduced to Cable in 2015 through her friend and past Cable CEO Susan Huggins. Jean has since used Cable to connect with women of all ages in a wide variety of businesses, allowing her access to unique learning opportunities and the opportunity connect with other businesswomen.
Believing that equal pay, the mentality that women must “do it all” and finding a strong mentor are three of the biggest challenges professional women face today, Jean wanted to help combat the lack of mentorship available to women by taking advantage of the different networking options and programs that Cable offers – including its mentorship program. Jean is eager to help women not feel as though they’re walking into the business world alone, to realize that mistakes happen, and to know there is a network of women to help them grow in their respective careers.


When asked what advice she has for women just starting their careers, Jean replied –
“Let go of fear, be respectful of the experience of those who came before you, those who are older, probably wiser, and have much to share. Find a mentor, and be a mentor. Kindness is the greatest wisdom of all.”
Jean Jackson is an inside sales officer for Cumberland Trust & Investment. She shepherds client relationships/accounts for CT’s future appointments in estate planning documents when CT is named as trustee or executor in the client’s documents to take effect at some point in the future.
Thank you for joining Cable, and for your commitment to supporting the development and growth of professional women. We appreciate you!

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May 15, 2018

Member Profile Spotlight: Dez Stephens

Dez Stephens initially joined Cable more than 20 years ago because of her eagerness to network with other Nashville professionals. Over the past two decades, she has developed relationships with various Cable members and was surprised at how quickly she connected with other entrepreneurs and executives who were facing the same types of challenges and issues that she was dealing with at the time. Inspired by the dedication and determination of her peers, Dez took the initiative to collaborate with these individuals to begin making a difference not only in her profession but also in the greater community.

Through her networking experience with Cable and other organizations, Dez decided to make a career shift to become a professional coach to young entrepreneurs. She has recommended Cable to her colleagues and students because she strongly believes in the face-to-face and online connections this organization offers.

When asked what her biggest career achievement has been so far on her journey, Dez stated:
“[Receiving] the Prism Award from the International Coach Federation Tennessee Chapter for the work I do in Central America providing professional coach certification training to low-income students there. My company has donated nearly $1 million in tuition to the country of Honduras, where the average citizen lives on $1 per day.”

Giving back is incredibly important to Dez, and she and her fellow coaches are making a big difference in people’s lives. Together they are educating and inspiring others through professional coach training and media, and are seeking to expose as many people as possible to the benefits of professional coaching. Ultimately, Dez hopes to reach the Asian market and produce TV and film projects that feature professional coaches.
Dez Stephens is the founder and CEO of Radiant Health Institute.

Thank you, Dez, for your longtime involvement in Cable and your service to others.

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