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Founded in 1979, Cable started with a simple, yet powerful idea: networking between women. The original organizing committee recognized that a women’s civic group would allow members to make business and social contacts, share their professional success and frustrations, and—most importantly—support women in the local business community.

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Why Cable

The original members chose the name because it suggests the strength of the links between women—and they were right. Since its inception, Cable has created a space where women business owners and professionals can make connections, build long-lasting relationships, promote opportunities, and develop and maintain a standard of inclusivity and diversity.

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About the Foundation

In addition to its membership, Cable also formed the Cable Foundation, a 501(c)3 Corporation, for fundraising purposes. The Cable Foundation also serves as the umbrella for the Nashville ATHENA Awards Program, recognizing successful women in business in the Nashville area.

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Cable Events

Cable offers monthly programs and events that support our mission to move women forward. We also host the annual Power of Inclusion Awards, the Nashville ATHENA Awards Program, and the Cable Awards in an effort to recognize and celebrate professional, business, and entrepreneurial women for their contributions.

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Celebrating Our Members

Our membership is what makes Cable the premier leadership organization for women’s professional advancement. Learn more about our members’ success and why they choose to be a part of this organization.

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