Why Join?

Why Join Cable?

Cable connects women to vital business growth opportunities, including monthly networking events, a mentorship program, corporate board preparation, and leadership development opportunities. Our values guide the way we pursue our mission and vision, and support our members.

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Cable’s Values


Our members help each other achieve personal and professional success.


We share business connections, resources, insights, and educational opportunities to assist others in their personal and professional growth.


We are a welcoming membership that reflects our communities’ essential diversity.


Cable is dedicated to serving our surrounding communities through collective projects and individual efforts.


Cable members hold themselves, each other, and the organization to high ethical and professional standards.

Member-focused Leadership:

Cable leadership sustains the organization while preparing for the future to ensure Cable remains highly beneficial to its members.

Member Spotlight

Dr. Contrecia T. Tharpe

I really enjoy the networking and connection making that takes place as a member. I have built relationships with women through Cable that I may have never met otherwise.

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Cable Member Benefits

As a women’s business support network, we provide the following member benefits: