Donna Yurdin

Donna Yurdin

Born in Fairbanks, Alaska, the oldest of four, I grew up in Springfield, Illinois with parents that stressed learning, working hard and giving back to the community. Each were great role models as leaders in their own way, from quiet confidence to taking the bull by the horns leadership.  I like to think I have incorporated both styles into my own.

One of my report cards from elementary school pointed out that leadership came naturally to me.  I wasn’t aware of it until my Mother found the report card years later and read it to me. It was a foreshadowing of the path that led me to CABLE.  I grew up with a love of reading and riding horses, a hobby that I was able to continue as an adult.  High school was a time to gain confidence in my talents as well as spending time in sports activities and clubs.  One of those clubs was a girls club dedicated to community volunteerism.  I graduated high school with 675 other teenagers and with family cheering me on to the next stage of my journey.

I left for Iowa State University thinking I knew what I wanted to do with my life.  Like so many other young people, I changed my mind.  I changed from veterinary medicine to liberal arts.  I also found another family there in pledging Pi Beta Phi sorority. Having a house full of other talented women as a support system and inspiration was significant in my college experience.

After graduation I moved to Texas for my first job as a recruiter.  Once settled, I was also able to continue my love of riding and showing horses.  I also made life-long friends and developed as a Human Resource professional.

Promoted into leadership roles quickly, I was able to find a mentor to help me understand my role and my voice as a young woman asking people to follow me.  I was able to take on larger roles with a banking organization and with an HCA hospital as the HR leader.  That began my 20-year career with HCA in Texas, South Carolina and in Nashville. Thanks to opportunities in Human Resources with the company, my career developed in various capacities until I left as AVP of Organizational Effectiveness in 2007 to start a consulting and executive coaching practice.

One of the most important success factors in starting a business is establishing and expanding your network.  CABLE was an essential part of that process for me.  With CABLE I found women of all backgrounds, ages and talents with incredible energy for the values I had, learning, hard work, giving back to the community.

I joined several committees with CABLE and was the designer and facilitator of the CABLE Mentor Program for the first five years.  It was an honor to become CABLE’s Board President in 2012-13 and I continue to work with the Corporate Board Academy, fulfilling my passion for supporting women as they choose their path.