Power of Inclusion

For the past 14 years, the Power of Inclusion (POI) Awards has recognized Nashville individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations that champion all types of diversity and demonstrate innovative methods to enhance diversity and inclusion. Nominees are evaluated and selected by Cable’s panel of experts on Diversity Best Practice. Awards criteria reflect high standards for a diverse workplace, covering hiring practices, efforts to advocate for diversity in the Nashville community, and demonstrable achievement resolving inequalities between different segments of the workforce.

The 2019 Power of Inclusion Awards will be held on May 8th. The Steering Committee is Tracy Bailey, Michelle Brown, Lynn Cothren, Beverly Grant, Novonda Lilly, Laquita Stribling, Beverly Watts, and is chaired by Missy Acosta.

Award Categories

  • The Individual Award recognizes someone whose personal behavior is a model of inclusion and is a catalyst for inclusive relationships among diverse populations in the community.
  • The Business Award recognizes a Corporation that ‘walks the talk’ and demonstrates a commitment to diversity and inclusion in their employment practices, programs and community
  • The Not-for-Profit Award recognizes a Not-for-Profit entity that facilitates understanding and promotes opportunity for under served communities

Award Criteria

  • Nominations will be evaluated for outstanding accomplishments in achieving and sustaining diversity and inclusion within one’s unique spheres of influence.  Nominees will excel in most, if not all, of the following areas:
    • Demonstrates a consistent pattern of advocating for individuals in underserved populations
    • Demonstrates efforts exceeding his or her job responsibilities to promote and ensure diversity and inclusion
    • Cultivates and promotes initiatives that foster a more inclusive and equitable work, earnings or community environment
    • Demonstrates measurable results towards increased diversity and inclusion within their sphere of influence
    • Exhibits visionary and insightful leadership to resolve business inequities through strategic decision-making and program development

Join us on May 8th to celebrate the honorees. Purchase your tickets here!

Partnership Opportunities:

Join Nashville Cable in exploring how to build business with diverse markets, recruit and retain new talent, and attract new opportunities for Nashville and beyond. Contact Missy Acosta at macosta@deltadentaltn.com after clicking the link below and reviewing available opportunities.

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