Cable Nonprofit Leadership Exchange in partnership with Center for Nonprofit Management (CNM)

Nashville Cable is so excited to be partnering with The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee and the Center for Nonprofit Management to offer the Cable Nonprofit Leadership Exchange (CNLE) program. CNLE will enable participants to start conversations about, generate new ideas for, and develop solutions to questions and concerns all focused on their work in the non-profit sector. The Exchange will provide professional development opportunities for participants and for persons wishing to make a career transition into non-profit management/leadership.

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CNLE will consist of bi-weekly group sessions of 10-12 participants during February, March and April 2024 for a total of six sessions. The sessions will be facilitated by Janet Jernigan and Jeri Hasselbring. Both are former Cable Presidents and bring more than 75 years of non-profit executive leadership experience, including program development and implementation.

In addition, each participant will be linked with an experienced non-profit leader for a total of five mentoring opportunities, which will occur between the full group meetings. Retired and current non-profit leaders have been recruited to serve as mentors. Depending on the needs and interests of the Exchange participants, other non-profit professionals will be invited to serve as resources for specific group sessions.

CNLE participants will be recruited from Cable membership and the Center for Non-profit Management and The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. All participants are required to be a current member of Cable through the annual fee of $250.

The group sessions will be held at The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee every other Tuesday beginning February 13 from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Lunch will be provided.

Prior to and during the first group session, participants will identify the areas and questions they wish to be addressed through group discussion and through individual sessions with their mentor. It is anticipated that group members will be seeking advice and resources on challenges they are facing in their work environment and on their interest in professional development in specific areas of non-profit management. A code of confidentiality will be maintained in all group and individual sessions.

Possible issues to be addressed will likely occur in several areas of non-profit management including:

 *Board/staff relationships

*Board development

* Fund development

*Strategic planning

* Human Resources Mgt.

* Public Relations/Marketing


* Budgeting/Financial Mgt.

* Property Mgt.

* Program Development/Implementation

* Conflict Resolution

* IT