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Executive Leader Academy: Time well spent

Time well spent

Guest Blog by: Dr. Katherine Y. Brown
Three words that come to mind when I reflect upon my participation in the Cable Executive Leadership Academy (ELA) are “time, well, spent”
As successful leaders we must make critical decisions on how we invest our time, what we invest our time in, and who we will invest our time with. As the 2005 recipient of the ATHENA International Young Professional Leadership Award, I was invited by Linda Peek Schacht to participate in the ELA program. Having completed many leadership programs in the past I was a bit hesitant.  What would I would learn and how this program would be different? As I read more about it, I decided this executive leadership program could be a great program for me.
The program exceeded my expectations and impacted my life. It was a safe place to share ideas. Rarely does a program require its participants to commit to confidentiality when sharing ideas. This was great!
It gets better.
All of the program participants were equally powerful and knowledgeable in their respective industries, and I didn’t know everyone in the room, which enabled me to develop new relationships with many women who are now lifelong friends. Through the small group discussions and executive coaching sessions, I was able to develop many key, quality connections because we were able to flush out our ideas and thoughts together in confidentiality. What impressed me the most from these sessions is that my executive coach, Diane Watson, still keeps in touch with me over two years later.  Now that’s commitment.
There were an abundance of resources available to help you learn more about yourself. People who finish the program and stay committed to success are going to be successful. You have access to standardized assessments to learn about yourself, you explore how to make your company better, but more importantly you explore how to make you better. The self-assessment and leadership exercises are in addition to lecture, discussion, and coaching. The only commitment was my time.
There are a lot of workshops and training programs facilitated by people who have less experience than their target audience. We see this everyday and it’s challenging. The ELA provides seasoned facilitators with over 20 years of experience who are willing to share their expertise. When people understand where you have been, not because they read it in a book, but rather because they have lived it; they are able to give unique insights and perspectives. You won’t find this everywhere. This program leaves you inspired after each session, while simultaneously wanting and seeking to learn more.
A safe environment with colleagues committed to your success sounds like something that should happen every day, but advanced leaders know that it doesn’t. I was at a place in my career that I needed that and this program was the solution. In my daily work, I am the founder of Learn CPR America, coordinator of KYB Leadership Academy, executive director of Roberta Baines Wheeler Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Group, owner of Katherine Brown Consulting, and a mother of four.
What does this mean? It means I spend my days caring for others and wearing many hats. This program helped me care for me, while redefining how I would use my leadership skills to care for others who I served in my daily work.
The program helped me hone my focus, reaffirm the mission of my organization, and propel my career to the next level. This program left me energized, and I still use what I learned in my daily work. I’m definitely thankful for the opportunity to participate in the Cable Executive Leadership Academy and to earn the Foundations of 21st Century Leadership certificate. For women considering this program or a program that will provide the skills to elevate your leadership capabilities, look no further. You won’t be disappointed.
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