Member Stories

Jillian Richmond

Can you tell us a little about yourself and what led you to join Nashville Cable?

I am a Nashville native who loves networking with other professional women! I am forever grateful for the mentors and colleagues I’ve had along my career journey who have played a huge role in getting me to where I am today! Cable has been so uplifting and instrumental in keeping me connected to phenomenal women who are trailblazing their industry! I love being a part of this organization!

What do you enjoy most about being a member?

I love the opportunity to meet other driven women and hear strategies that we can all leverage to continue being successful! I’m always hungry for knowledge, but also enjoy giving others that same support!

How do you see your membership in our program contributing to your personal and professional growth and development?

This membership has helped me grow by putting me in front of new faces and industries that teach me impactful things all of the time! The variety of information we share and connect on through our different initiatives is so valuable to my continued career growth, but also to the woman I show up as in any setting or environment!

What inspired you to pursue your current profession, and what do you do?

I knew very early that I was passionate about being a resource to other people. Being in clinical operations allows me to work with some of the greatest nurses and doctors on the planet. My job is to make sure that they have the tools and processes they need to take care of patients safely and effectively. It’s so rewarding to feel impact in everything that I do.

What are some of your favorite things to do in Nashville, both professionally and personally?

I absolutely love trying all of the new food places that Nashville continues to bring to our city! Spending down time with friends and enjoying this gorgeous growing city is so fun! I love living in a place with so much to do!

How do you balance your personal life and career, and what are some tips you’ve found helpful for maintaining a healthy work-life balance?

My advice for balancing work and career is to create boundaries and practices that keep you healthy. Always have something relaxing scheduled to help you power through the chaos we all go through at times. Keeping a monthly “reward day” on my calendar has been game changing. It may be a day at the spa, a road trip, hanging out with a friend or a lazy day on the couch. No matter what it is, I get excited about it and keep that commitment to myself. I have to be well in order to show up for everything that I need to.

How do you stay motivated and inspired in your work and personal life, and what advice would you give to others who may be struggling to find their passion or purpose?

I stay motivated in my personal and professional life knowing that the best is always ahead. I am always on my way to something good and I know that the only way that I will get there is to keep showing up every single day. People are inspired by all of us, even when we don’t realize it, so I owe it to myself and those people to live in my purpose and spread magic in everything that I do.