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Member Profile Spotlight: Anne Martin

After 25 years as a successful Nashville businesswoman and attorney, Anne Martin made the smart decision to join Cable last year. With many friends and colleagues already established members, it did not take Anne long at all to fully grasp Cable’s mission and start seeing the many benefits the organization offers to professional women at all phases in their career.
“Cable is an invaluable and true networking opportunity, but the diversity of businesses and members represented is truly unique, and the genuine interest in supporting women in business is inspiring.”
And speaking of women supporting women, Anne praises her own professional mentor, Margaret Behm, for years of guidance and advice throughout her extensive career. “Margaret hired me fresh out of law school at 24 years old and taught me how to be an exceptional lawyer: how to practice law, gain respect of judges and, most importantly, how to treat clients. Margaret even helped me through one of my biggest career setbacks and offered me the greatest piece of advice I still carry today, “you learn much more from your losses than you do your successes.”
When asked about her personal aspirations and career goals, it is clear that Anne is passionate about her profession and not afraid to chase her dreams.
“I am currently running for Chancery Court judge, and hope to be successful on the May 1 ballot. It is the perfect time in my life and my career to make the transition to the bench. Additionally, I have practiced heavily in the Chancery Court and handled all types of matters there. The difference between being a lawyer and judge, is as a judge, I would be charged with creating a solution dictated by the facts and the law as a neutral decision maker. I am excited about the challenge!

Thank you for joining Cable and for sharing your story, Anne! We wish you the best of luck and truly appreciate your dedication to Cable and our community.

Anne Martin is a Partner and Executive Committee Member of Bone McAllester Norton PLLC. She handles litigation and is an employment law attorney.