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Member Profile Spotlight: Judge Melissa Blackburn

Judge Melissa Blackburn joined Cable in 2010 and serves on the Mentoring Committee.  She joined Cable because she values the opportunity to share the experiences of women in similar roles as a resource in how she approaches her own career. Likewise, she believes women have a responsibility to share their experiences with younger women entering the professional world.

We asked Melissa what she believes is the biggest challenge women face in the business world today –

“I would expand this question beyond the business world. We are seeing women take leading roles in business, nonprofit management, the arts and government. Although we have made great progress, time-worn attitudes about the strength, resolve or determination of women to be successful and help those around us to reach their potential still persist. We can overcome these challenges with consistent and diligent work.”

To a young woman starting her career, Melissa would say, “Persistence! The only ‘no’ that matters is the ‘no’ you impose upon yourself. You will be told ‘no’ in your career. You will, at times, not be taken seriously. It matters not one bit so long as you have confidence and faith in your abilities.”

Melissa Blackburn is a judge for the Davidson County General Sessions Court, Division II. In addition to regular General Sessions civil and criminal dockets, she is presiding judge of the Mental Health and Veterans Specialty Treatment Courts.

Thank you, Melissa, for all you do!