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Member Profile Spotlight: Judge Lynda Jones

Judge Lynda Jones has been a member of Cable for more than 10 years, and she currently holds a position on the Cable Board on the Membership and Awards Committee. She joined Cable to expand her network: “I knew I needed to find professional sisters to inspire me and help me excel in all areas of life,” and that is exactly what she found through Cable.

As Lynda was the first person in her extended family to graduate from college and law school, Cable provided her with the experience to grow alongside other professional women looking to continuously improve themselves. Through Cable, she realized how much women can support one another and lift one another up: “Throughout my 10-year membership, I discovered you can learn excellence from just simply being friends with other achieving women.” I draw inspiration from other working mothers too. It can be a challenge to juggle a teenager, career, older parents and a spouse with health issues. I am constantly amazed at what other women juggle with a smile on their face.”

When asked how she would describe the benefits of Cable to someone thinking about joining the organization, she offered this advice:

“It’s a supported tribe of like-minded women who believe YOU can do anything. Cable helped me build my law practice and opened my eyes to greater achievements. I am so grateful and fortunate to be in a job that I LOVE. I credit Cable for putting me here.”

Lynda shares her biggest career setback and how it is a prime example of perseverance: “I lost my first attempt at judgeship, but I did not give up. I examined myself and started evolving and meeting more people who believed in me.” Lynda’s confidence and determination are inspiring to all women, and she is a true example that, with hard work, focus and a strong support system, anything is possible.

Lynda Jones is the Davidson County General Sessions Court judge, Division IX. She manages 40,000 cases per year, including criminal and civil matters, mental health committal, and business docket, while overseeing three direct employees and working with four other Metro departments, including Sheriff, Probation and Clerks.

Thank you, Lynda, for continuing to serve our community and for being a longstanding Cable member!